First post in a long time...

First post in a long time...

Hello everyone! It's been a terribly long time since my last blog post and definitely a little rusty on the writing no-doubt.

So what's been up you might ask? Well i've been doing a bunch of different things and most recently, I have started a company with a few like minded friends and we've called this new company of ours Madison Technologies.

As what we've done in the past the goal at Madison Tech is the same, building beautiful web and mobile experiences, backed by years of experiences in technology, infrastructure, security and let's not forget startup experiences where some of us even founded one of Asia's largest startups! We believe in sharing experiences and using our past experiences to build out a great future whether it's a new product for ourselves or a product for our clients, we are our experiences.

Maddie the Gorilla from Madison Technologies

We also chose to use a Gorilla as our logo, this is simply because Gorillas are gentle, nurturing, protect their own and this is very much how Sheran, Quy, Kim & Myself are with our team, we believe in looking after our people and making sure they have a space that they can grow in, we look forward to continue doing this and continue doing great work.

Oh here's some of the stuff we've worked on in the past few months (we have obviously been busy!)



Prabu is the CEO & Co-Founder of Madison Technologies

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